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  1. I have missed your weather cast. Are you still doing weather? I’ve also wondered about Jenny and Dillon. Are they still with the station?
    Bill Burgess

    • Hi Bill. I am no longer at NBC25. I will keep you updated. The best way is probably with facebook. Jenny and Dillon are no longer there as well. They moved back to Jenny’s hometown of San Antonio. You can find her at one of the stations there. I’m not sure which one. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Sorry you are no longer with NBC25. I will miss your forecasts and the Outdoor
    Gardening tips. Are you still in the area and still doing the weather? Good luck
    at whatever you are doing.
    Patricia Larson

    • Hi Patricia. Thanks for the kind words. I am still in the area. I’m not doing weather right now on a television station. I will let everyone know if that changes. If you are on facebook, subscribing to my page is probably the best way to keep updated. Thanks again!

  3. Every night, my wife and I ended our day by watching you on TV 25 for your weather forecast. We miss you. It is just not the same without you. I hope you are back on the air in the area real soon. If you can’t get back on the news in this area, I hope you get on the air somewhere. You are too good not to be on the air.

    • Hey Todd! I really appreciate that you liked my broadcasts. I will let you know where I land. Right now just taking some time to chill with the family! Don’t be a stranger.

  4. Mark, My wife and i have been wondering what happened to you, we figured you were gone. You were the BEST weatherman-ever. You always gave a little extra in your weather reports. Please let us know where you end up,we hope to see you on tv again-soon!

  5. DUDE what happen ? All I am going to say is NBC25 has messed up! You was awesome on TV and the only reason I watched the news I have learned so much from you and I can’t thank you enough for the joy you have given to all of us and most of all keeping us safe during bad weather I am praying for you and that all your wishes & dreams will come true. You are a great guy and have done so much for mid-Michigan dont you ever change Mark. God Bless

    • Hi Rev Tim. Thank you for your very kind words. It is a pleasure to give you the forecast and keep you safe. Notice I use present tense because I plan on doing what god put me on earth to do- be a meteorologist. Just because I’m no longer at NBC25 doesn’t mean I won’t be in your life! At worst there is always this thing called the internet! If you see me and my wife out and about, stop and say hi please. God bless.

  6. I watched Your Weather with 5 and I missed you when you went to 25 I watches their News for your forcasts. I have not watched any of their news broadcasts since you were gone.There loss. If you end up somewhere local (hoping) That is where I will watch. You are the weatherman. I have new of you since your T.C. days as my sister lives. Hope to see you back forcasting for us. As a farmer the weatherman is the most imporant person on tv and you never let me down.

    • Hi Steve. I appreciate very much what you are saying about my broadcasts. I’m super glad I’ve never let you down! I will keep everyone updated as to my next move. Keep in touch thru this website or my facebook page.

  7. Hi Mark, Man I sure miss you on channel 25 weather Iam a weather nut and you and Tom Skilling is my favorite weatherman I allways looked forward to watch your forcast, its not the same without you. You dont know me but you and I have alot in common your a freind to me. I hope you’ll be on again soon. weather in two words “come back” lol God bress you and your family

    • Wow Carl ! To compare me to Skilling is quite an honor. He’s one of my favs too. Thanks so much for the kind words, and if you see me out say hi. I will be letting everyone know my next step once I know it.

  8. I switched from 5 to 12 and found you again on 25. Loved the weather garden and like others learned so much. Thank you, now I watch the weather channel, all lost my loyalities

    • Hi Harrietta. Your last name is a mouthful like mine! Thanks you enjoying my broadcasts over the years. I’ll let you know what I decide on here in the near future.

  9. Mark was and is the best TV personality ever! The idiots at NBC25 really blew it!
    Boycott NBC25!!

    Good luck to Mark in your future endeavors!

  10. Sorry to see your gone. Not that the others are not fine, but you were the best..Sorely missed. My guess is the bean counters are at work, and mucky things up as usual.

  11. Wow! My husband and I will miss you! We liked you, Jenny and Dillon and that was the only thing we liked about NBC… So now we will watch the other news casts. We aer moving off there too!

    • Hi Karen! I miss everyone back, including you and your hubby. I’ll let you know where I land. And there is always the internet! Let’s stay in touch.

  12. Dear Mark and wife:
    I know this is a hard time. Keep the sunnyside up and continue to believe in yourself and your positive energy with attract the same. You are a hometown boy and always will be.

    • Hi Rose! My wife and I really thank you for the support. I am keeping the positive energy, and it will pay off. I will keep you posted on my next move!

  13. 9-30-12

    Hi mark how are you ? I miss you on NBC news 25 I think you should come back and do the weather again on a tv sation maybe you can
    Do the weather in detroit Michigan some where like maybe wxyz tv channel 7 in Detroit Michigan or wdiv channel 4 or Wjbk fox 2 or some where i really miss you doing the weather

    • Hi Matthew,
      Thank you for the kind words. I didn’t want to sound mad when you called me, but I’d like to keep my phone for calling friends and family. I know you understand. I will keep you updated on my next job, when I figure it out. You can always contact me here, too. Take care!

  14. Thanks Mark for making the weather enjoyable to watch. We have followed you each time you have moved to another TV station. Hope you stay in the Saginaw area and land another meterologist job on TV! Until then we’ll just have to watch some ho-hum weather that I probably can read about on Take care and we will be looking for you somewhere in the future!!

    • Hi Lanny and Linda,
      Thanks for making me feel like my work is worth it! I am keeping everyone posted on how I will be presenting weather in the future. You can subscribe to my facebook page, but don’t friend request. I can’t accept anymore as facebook has a 5000 limit.

  15. Mark, Glad to know that you’re alive and well. You really are a class act and it’s obvious that you found your calling. As you well know nothing is forever. I certainly hope that you’re going to remain in Mid-Michigan. Keep in Touch.

  16. Hello Mark – We miss you on TV25 weather. It’s just not the same without you! We have followed you whenever you moved to a different station. Please let us know where you will end up next. Keep up the good work and we know some TV station will be delighted to get you – PS – hold out for the big bucks!!

  17. I just watch a couple of videos of you and Jenny you just dont know what you got until its gone. I sure miss you guys, When I drive by there I wonder when they are going to knock the tower down when they closed down the place so sad.

  18. HI MARK

    • Hi Jack. Keep track of me. I’m staying here and will be connected again with you at some point. I post for now so you can stay connected with me there too!

  19. MARK, I do not have a Facebook page but would like you to know in my opinion you not only redefined your profession, you served our community well. People do not realize how much of your personnel time you gave. I would LOVE to see you re unite with TV 5. They are in desperate need of a new “Chief”. I wish you well in whatever, and while I have never met you, I hope to bump into you sometime and shake your hand and thank you in person. IF you get time drop me an email. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  20. Mark

    Really bummed just learned today that you were no longer our TV weatherman.
    You were without a doubt the best personality that station had. They have sure
    made a mess of things, first they mess up the morning show and now I learn you are gone…Hope you find another TV weather spot and put some well deserved hurts on that station…

    • Hi Al! Thanks for the support. I will continue to be your weatherman here. I am on now with weather posts and hoping to build it into more. We aren’t leaving the area unless we decide to say screw it and move to Traverse City! That will happen someday, but not for a few years. Keep in touch please!

  21. Hi Mark. I am sad to see you parted ways with tv25. I wonder if they know what they have lost. It is getting hard for me to watch all our local tv station when I see the direction they are going! You are a great local personality. I will miss you. I wish you and yours well.

  22. 11-29-12

    Hi mark how are you ? I think you should get a weather man job with maybe Wjbk fox 2 in Detroit Michigan or maybe with wdiv channel 4 or maybe wxyz tv channel 7 or CBS 62 in Detroit Michigan maybe or something maybe in Detroit Michigan maybe from Matthew

  23. HI Mark maybe John Mc Murray will retire for you or Eric on channel 5 they been there forever. I mean they were there when I was a little kid they need to enjoy retirement Happy Holidays to you and your family miss you Carl

  24. Hi Mark I have been wondering where you are and miss you on the weather station. You are the best in my estination. I have your internet address so will watch you there . Good Luck

  25. Hi, Mark! I am Kent’s wife and just wanted to let you know how much he has missed you as our weatherman. I sure hope you come back on one of our local channels. My husband is constantly saying how much he misses you and is not satisfied with any other weatherman. He wanted me to try to find you on the internet to see where you were. If you get a chance, please shoot him an email and maybe keep him updated on if or when you come back on the air. He has no idea that I am sending you this message right now, so it will be a surprise when he does hear from you. Thanks for your time and I know you have no idea, but every time we go to Saginaw, we wave when we drive by and say hi to you. lol…
    Thanks again!

  26. Mark: I certainly hope you are back on TV producing the best and most entertaining weather program in this area and probably the state ! I have a great fear that our local, regional and national media are operating with a separate left of center operation with out concern for “us” the people who need good accurate reporting in all areas of responsible journalism. My deepest concerns for you and for your success with what you do best.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the great compliment. I thinly the falling revenue of the media is the culprit. But content is king and those that make great content, even individually, will be able to survive. U can find me at and my own weather site.

  27. Just watching Sam and Katie on channel 5 thinking of the good old days when the 3 of you were together you guys had great chemistry wish you the best hope to see you on the air soon

  28. Mark you are not a weatherman- you are a weather professor! You have taught us so much about weather patterns, thank you Hope you get back soon your absence leaves a big hole in our coverage.

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